The Undermoor

Session Three
Surprise Ogre!

The party finds a map of the caverns near the Kobold lair. They decide to advance to the Goblin cave with their Kobolds in tow.

They arrive at the Goblin cave and decide to try stealth this time. Xaladin casts an illusion spell to appear as one of the black-cloaked figures while the rest of the party masquerades as his bodyguards. They manage to pass through the mouth of the cave, with the cave’s guardians as escorts. They make their way through the first security checkpoint with no issue.

Unfortunately, the illusion spell fades halfway through the first large cavern. When the illusion fades, the party is forced to kill the surrounding guards and a few non-combatant Goblins. However, due to the quick thinking and imposing figures of Parun and Togashi, they manage to spare the Goblings and four of their elders.

However, the commotion draws four of the goblins from the first guard station into the room. The party dispatches them with ease.

Then, three of the remaining seven guards block off the door, engaging the Kobold Elites and Parun in melee combat. Togashi manages to somersault over their combat lines and take out one of the guards.

Everything seems to be going well. Until the remaining four Goblins join combat, assisted by a fully-armed and armored Ogre Warrior.

Session Two
The First Cavern Part II: Trap Lord Boogaloo

The party is held back by a squad of 7 kobolds led by 4 Kobold Elites. They can also hear a tide of kobolds rushing towards them from a side tunnel located slightly behind them.

Togashi heroically held off a large number of kobolds attempting to enter the cavern from the side tunnel. Meanwhile, his allies dealt with the smaller group of kobold soldiers and their Elite commanders.

Xaladin used Thunderwave to great effect, defeating a large number of kobolds single-handedly. Scooby stayed towards the back, doing his best to defeat the kobolds without killing them, so that he can begin to build his army.

Parun used his bloodline’s natural gift of dragon fire to defeat one of the four Kobold Elites. The three surviving Elites pledged loyalty to him, worshipping him as a demi-god. Scooby successfully spared one of the lesser kobolds, convincing it to follow him and dubbing the creature “Velma”. He promises Velma that he will help save the kobold queen and protect its family.

The party takes a short rest, then continues forward (after Parun and Scooby revist the pit trap and find the kobold they left there dead). Velma leads the party to the throne room of the Kobold Trapmaster. The creature flings a pair of axes at the opening door, narrowly missing the party. Scooby convinces Velma to enter the room and announce their presence and explain their intention to help rescue their queen.

Velma enters the room and is almost immediately killed by the Trapmaster. The party charges forward, intent on avenging Velma. Infuriated by the loss of his companion, Scooby attacks the Trap Master with ferocious abandon. The other party members defeat the Trap Master’s four Kobold Elite guards, then stand back and allow Scooby to defeat his foe.

Despite his only armaments being a pair of daggers, Scooby manages to triumph over the stronger Trapmaster single-handedly, avenging his fallen comrade by plunging Shaggy into the kobold’s chest.

During the fight, the cloaked figure they sought to capture escaped. The party looted the room, finding a large sum of money and trove of equipment. Scooby is rewarded with a pair of fine daggers and Xaladin takes the Trapmaster’s axes.

After the fight, the party returns to the side tunnel and finds a room containing six non-combatant kobolds. Five children and one elderly kobold join the party under Scooby’s care, fulfilling his promise to protect Velma’s family (and his own desire to have an army of monsters).

Session One
The First Cavern - Kobolds, Kobolds, and More Kobolds.

Our party consists of:

Paren: A Neutral Good Gold Dragonkin Paladin
Togashi: A Lawful Neutral Human Monk
Lumie Nous: A Lawful neutral Wood Elf Cleric
Xaladin: A Chaotic Neutral Hill Dwarf Bard
Scooby: A Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Mage
Shaggy: A knowledge spirit imbued inside a serrated iron dagger with a jeweled pommel.

The party arrived at a ravine containing a system of caverns. located along the border between the Misty Forest and the High Moors. Each cavern houses a bevvy of different monsters that have begun raiding further out, towards the town of Secomber. The party has been contracted by the town council to investigate why the monsters have been roused.

The party arrived at the ravine and approached the Kobold cave. Kobolds ambushed the party but were quickly beaten back. One kobold was spared and questioned. It was revealed that a sinister group was holding the Kobold queen hostage somewhere in the deep caverns in order to keep the kobolds in line. The kobold insinuated that there were other, more dangerous monsters working alongside the group of cloaked figures. The kobold tells them that a cloaked figure visits the Trapmaster’s throne room every night in order to take a headcount and deliver orders.

The party let the kobold go and told him that they would help save their queen and to rally his brethren to their cause.

The party decided to take a long rest, then press forward to reach the throne room and interrogate the cloaked figure the next night.

The next day, the party continued into the cavern and found the kobold they spared dead inside a pit trap. All but Togashi successfully avoided the trap, but they are immediately set upon by a group of kobolds led by three Dragonshields. Scooby managed to put several kobolds asleep while the party dealt with the Dragonshields. After the battle, the party tossed the sleeping kobolds inside the pit trap, killing all but one of them.

Further in the cavern, the group met a significantly larger group of kobolds in the central crossroads of the cavern, led by four Kobold Elites. At the same time, a mass of kobolds begin to swarm up towards the player from a side-tunnel behind them.

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