The Undermoor

Session Three

Surprise Ogre!

The party finds a map of the caverns near the Kobold lair. They decide to advance to the Goblin cave with their Kobolds in tow.

They arrive at the Goblin cave and decide to try stealth this time. Xaladin casts an illusion spell to appear as one of the black-cloaked figures while the rest of the party masquerades as his bodyguards. They manage to pass through the mouth of the cave, with the cave’s guardians as escorts. They make their way through the first security checkpoint with no issue.

Unfortunately, the illusion spell fades halfway through the first large cavern. When the illusion fades, the party is forced to kill the surrounding guards and a few non-combatant Goblins. However, due to the quick thinking and imposing figures of Parun and Togashi, they manage to spare the Goblings and four of their elders.

However, the commotion draws four of the goblins from the first guard station into the room. The party dispatches them with ease.

Then, three of the remaining seven guards block off the door, engaging the Kobold Elites and Parun in melee combat. Togashi manages to somersault over their combat lines and take out one of the guards.

Everything seems to be going well. Until the remaining four Goblins join combat, assisted by a fully-armed and armored Ogre Warrior.



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