The Undermoor

Session One

The First Cavern - Kobolds, Kobolds, and More Kobolds.

Our party consists of:

Paren: A Neutral Good Gold Dragonkin Paladin
Togashi: A Lawful Neutral Human Monk
Lumie Nous: A Lawful neutral Wood Elf Cleric
Xaladin: A Chaotic Neutral Hill Dwarf Bard
Scooby: A Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Mage
Shaggy: A knowledge spirit imbued inside a serrated iron dagger with a jeweled pommel.

The party arrived at a ravine containing a system of caverns. located along the border between the Misty Forest and the High Moors. Each cavern houses a bevvy of different monsters that have begun raiding further out, towards the town of Secomber. The party has been contracted by the town council to investigate why the monsters have been roused.

The party arrived at the ravine and approached the Kobold cave. Kobolds ambushed the party but were quickly beaten back. One kobold was spared and questioned. It was revealed that a sinister group was holding the Kobold queen hostage somewhere in the deep caverns in order to keep the kobolds in line. The kobold insinuated that there were other, more dangerous monsters working alongside the group of cloaked figures. The kobold tells them that a cloaked figure visits the Trapmaster’s throne room every night in order to take a headcount and deliver orders.

The party let the kobold go and told him that they would help save their queen and to rally his brethren to their cause.

The party decided to take a long rest, then press forward to reach the throne room and interrogate the cloaked figure the next night.

The next day, the party continued into the cavern and found the kobold they spared dead inside a pit trap. All but Togashi successfully avoided the trap, but they are immediately set upon by a group of kobolds led by three Dragonshields. Scooby managed to put several kobolds asleep while the party dealt with the Dragonshields. After the battle, the party tossed the sleeping kobolds inside the pit trap, killing all but one of them.

Further in the cavern, the group met a significantly larger group of kobolds in the central crossroads of the cavern, led by four Kobold Elites. At the same time, a mass of kobolds begin to swarm up towards the player from a side-tunnel behind them.



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